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The Perfect Prom
This area is organized alot like a book. It's meant to be a pretty much complete set of info on how to prepare for prom, and how to make it a perfect prom, from selecting your formal dresses to managing your date. It's sections contain the following:
Checklists. Three types of lists, actually. The first one is a countdown/timeline of what you should be doing and when as you prepare for prom. The second one simply lists everything, so that you can check it off as you go. And the third one lists things by expense so you can plan your budget. The best way to use this section is to print out the lists and put them up somewhere where you can easily refer to them.

Budgeting. This gives you the usual list of what you need for prom, and what it costs, beginning with formal dresses. But it also discusses who should be paying for what--and we made some discoveries here that we'd like to share with you.

Dress How-To. This is a large subsection. It will tell you about what prom dress best suits your body type (Jovani formal dresses for example), it will help out with bad spots like a wide butt or narrow shoulders, give you some ideas on accessories, shopping, and even on what's more popular this season.

Body Care. This is not your usual body care section. We figure, if you want the usual, then you can get it anywhere else. Instead, we give you exercises for your mind, so that you can really get your body going. There's also a little on makeup and on hair--that's more along the lines of the usual stuff.

Go: Makeup | Hair | Body

Handling Dates. Two things happening here. One, how to get yourself a prom date. And two, now that you got him, what are you going to do with him? (It's mostly for girls--sorry guys)

Final Prep. This section contains information on etiquette: how do you eat, what do you do in public, that sort of thing. There's also info on dress troubles: a ripping dress, for example. And finally, there's info on date trouble, such as his getting drunk, or hitting on your friend.

You can also check out more info here:

Our Hot Introduction

Chances are that in the past you've bought or seen one of those silly little prom preparation books of which there are about a dozen on the market. If so, then all you found is the following: some second-rate advice, a little noise about how to do your hair, and some pictures of teen stars, along with maybe a few more pictures of cocktail dresses, dresses for prom and other formal dresses, as well as a couple of incomplete and trite budget sheets and timelines. Maybe they even contained a miracle diet or miracle exercises to get you magically into shape the night before prom. And as if that wasn't enough, they were probably also written in a language for six year-olds or idiots, just a lot of fluff sprinkled with "you knows," "like" and gosh wows. As a normal person with good, or better than average intelligence (else why would you be reading this in the first place) you were probably disappointed, and felt as if you were being treated like a moron, or worse, an idiotic consumer who was only there to be sold things to, not to be helped or have their important questions answered.

So how is this section different from those books?

First, we understand that prom is important to you, and that prom is important in itself--not just some kid thing, but a fundamental and unique aspect of our culture. That means that we take prom as seriously as you do, and since you've probably been all around our website by now, then you know we're not kidding.

You're old enough to know that nothing good in this world comes without working for it. And you're old enough to know that, if you want prom to be perfect, then you will have to work at that too.

Second, because we take both prom, and you, seriously, you will find no fluff in this section, no gosh wow language, no miracle cures for pimples or fat cells, nothing. You also won't find any easy ways out here. If you want your prom to be successful, and you want to get in shape for it, and select the dress that's best for you, and set your date straight, and control any of the other thousand details that make your prom perfect, then you'ge going to have to work at it--just like you'd work at the other things you want in this world.

Let's face it, you're no longer a kid. You're a teen now. And being a teen means, among other things, that you can tell the difference between wishful thinking, and reality. Wishful thinking says that prom will magically take care of itself, you'll get the perfect date, you'll have the perfect gown (without even bothering to look for it!), and your body will be in perfect shape for that night so that you look your best.

Yeah, wishful thinking is really nice.

But it's not realistic, and if you stick to wishful thinking, then you can expect to have the wind taken out of your sails, to be let down and disappointed, to have everything go wrong, and to end up unhappy.

So what's the alternative to disaster?

You know it as well as I do: be realistic about things. And no, being realistic doesn't mean that you mutely accept that things will go wrong. That's not realistic. That's defeatist and silly. Being realistic means saying things might go wrong or not turn out as you expect. Being realistic means that to avoid things going wrong or not turning out as you expect, you will have to plan, put your plans into practice, and stick to those plans. It means you will have to work at it so that things don't go wrong.

Look at it this way. You want to be in great shape for prom night, right? So you know what you have to do to get into shape, right? Right. Exercise, and eat well. So what do you do? You make an exercise and eating schedule, and then you stick to it for a month or two. When prom night comes around, you really do look and feel great. That's realistic.

Wishful is when, after putting off the exercise and diet until two days before prom, you pick up one of those idiotic magazines at the check out counters in supermarkets, and you're hoping to find the miracle diet and exercise that works in twenty four hours. Sure it's there...right after the article about the 85 year old woman who is abducted by aliens and then gives birth to a two-headed Elvis.

I think you get the point.

So, I've only got these few important things to say: You're old enough to know better. You're old enough to know that nothing good in this world comes without working for it. And you're old enough to know that, if you want prom to be perfect, then you will have to work at that too.

Still, just so you don't feel you're working in a vacuum, we've put this section together to help you focus, to help you select what's most important in your preparations, and to help you deal w/sh*t if it does start to hit the fan.

Peace. Out.

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