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Prom Planning Countdown
When you start planning for prom, you have to start with the big picture-- basically, what do you need to get, or to set up, or to prepare; and when do you need to get it by, set it up by, or prepare it by. The list below is a comprehensive break-down for what you need and when. We don't promise that you have to do every single thing on these lists. You also don't need to do it in exactly the order we set it out for each month. But, if you stick to the monthly break-down, you'll get along just fine and be totally ready for prom night.
4 - 3 Months
  • Start looking for the right formal dress. Way many dress companies can take up to 8 weeks (sometimes longer) to deliver their dresses. So don't waste time!
  • Think date: start asking. Know who you're going with yet? Don't wait 'til the last minute to know, or the hot ones may be gone. Either ask him, or get him to ask you, but do it soon.
  • Outline your budget. Figure out how much money you have, how much you can get, and on what items you're going to spend it.

3 Months
  • Order your dress. That's if you haven't done so already.
  • Get healthy. Time to start a fitness program that includes exercise & healthy eating.
  • Hair & nails. Start maintaining them.
  • Etiquette. Know how to handle silverware? Know how to behave in a formal environment? Consider taking a class on etiquette. Or get a book and practice with that. (Or look at our small section on etiquette, which gives you the basics)
  • Hairdo. You have selected your dress. Plan your hair around it. Start now because some updos can take a couple of months to grow into. If you need hair ideas, check out the prom hair articles from Hairboutique.com.

2 Months
  • Order your dress. What?!! You haven't ordered your dress yet? Hurry. Or stores & manufacturers may no longer have the one you want!
  • Prom Plans. Start making your pre-prom and your post-prom plans.
  • Make appointments. Most girls have their hair done professionally for prom. It's time to make the appointment! You can also consider having a manicure and a pedicure. Make appointments for these. Having your makeup done professionally? Then make an appointment for this, too.
  • Start building your ensemble. Assume you bought your dress, and that you pretty much know your hairdo. It's time to get your accessories-- shoes, jewelry, purse (are the main ones). Start building your ensemble by seeing what works with your dress and planned hairdo.
  • Help select the tux. Help your date select his tuxedo, especially if you want him to wear a vest that matches your dress.
  • Discuss plans. Discuss your pre- and post-prom plans with your parents. Believe me, they'll want to know!
  • Review your budget. You bought the dress, at least some of the accessories, and have made your appointments. Are you still within budget?
  • Stick with it. Remember to stick with your health and dieting plan.

The last 30 days
  • Pick up the dress. If you haven't picked it up already.
  • Alterations. Have your dress professionally altered if you need alterations.
  • Break in your new shoes. Walk around the house with them so that they get used to you.
  • Order the boutonniere. Don't forget you need to get your date a boutonniere, which is a little flower that goes in his lapel. Order this from your nearest flowershop, do so at least two weeks ahead of time.
  • Corsage. Remind your date that he needs to order this.
  • Checklist #1. Make a checklist of everything you need to do. This includes getting your dress from the alterationist or the cleaners, appointments to be kept, and anything else you've planned. You don't want to forget anything during the last minute rush.
  • Checklist #2. Make a small checklist of the things you'll need that night, such as extra pantyhose, a touch up makeup kit, a pocket camera, and anything else you plan on bringing.
  • Confirm all appointments. Call at least a week in advance to confirm the appointments for hair and nails (or others) that you made last month.
  • Tell date a few things. Mostly, what to expect when he meets your parents. You don't want him to be too uptight-- you know how parents can get.
  • Last minute changes. Attend to any last minute changes in pre- or post-prom plans.
  • Discuss with friends. Discuss date issues, partying issues, driving issues, drinking issues, and any other potentially sticky issues with friends.
  • Start getting plenty of rest. You don't want to look wiped out on the big night.
  • Step up your exercises. You've been keeping healthy with workouts and good eating, right? Well step them up.

The last 2 days
  • Don't panic. Yeah, don't panic.
  • Purse kit. Build your purse kit, including extra hose, extra money, mini-makeup kit, etc.
  • Appointments. Attend all hair and nail (and other beautifying) appointments.
  • Boutonniere. Pick it up.
  • Corsage. Remind your date to pick his up.
  • Tux. Yeah, I know. But just in case, remind him to pick it up the day before.
  • Get dressed. Get set. Get going.
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My Prom Cost
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$300 - $400
I will have to sell my car
My Prom Cost
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$200 - $400
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I should probably just take out a loan
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