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After Prom (Post Prom) Stories

What are you doing (did you do) for your After Prom or Post Prom? You know, the rest of the night, or weekend, after the dance itself ended? Let us all know!

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After Prom

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I'm only a sophomore, but I got asked to prom by a close friend of mine who is a junior. After prom, we plan on going to a mutual friend's house with a lot of our other close friends for the night, and swimming & hanging out and everything. I'm sure we'll be up all night long. It's definitely going to be a night worth remembering!
-- Amber     OHS   O-town NY

After our prom my friends, our date, and half of the school is going to my best friend erics house up by Kansas City. Its Gunna Kick @$$!!!!!!!! we rented stretch hummers and we are all wearing black and white no matter what the theme is and i will win prom queen! f*** ya! this year will be so awesome.... We got hot tubs, wine, champange, yachts, alotta stuff.. thank god my parents are lawyers and gotz money
-- Cory     Medicine Lodge High School   Medecine Lodge KS

Prom was the most awesome nite eva!!! After prom we all went back to my bf's house for a huuge party (the only party that lasted) we didnt all get to sleep until 7-ish, it was nice to be with all my closest friends coz they are jus so amazin! The best thing was wakin up next to my boyfriend....it was a picture perfect movie moment! Lots of bad things happened too which we can laff and cringe about now...i.e. a limo detour, fallin in the cattle grid and general drunkeness!
-- Tia     Hartford High School   Cheshire UK

After prom we all went back to my house. We watched some good movies, ate pizza, and played pool. It was really a fun time..
-- Anna       Phoenix AZ

After my Junior prom me and all of my friends are going to come back to my house where we will watch movies and play pool all night.
-- Brittany       AR

For my Junior Prom two of my friends and their bf's went to a haunted house and then we went to a lake and sat on the water tower until I had to go home.
-- Brianna     Leola HS   Leola SD

After prom this year, my best friend Kelli, her boyfriend Derrick, and my boyfriend are going to get a hotel with a hot tub in the living room. We're going to bring lots and lots of booze! After the night's over, we're going to go to bed and wake up the next morning and walk all around downtown San Antonio. The perfect ending to a perfect night.
-- Morgan       San Antonio TX

After prom a whole bunch of us are going to my friends beach house in Maine. Were gonna have SO much fun!!!
-- Becky     Gardner High   Gardner MA

For those who live in Ontario and know that Wasaga Beach is summer's hot spot in Ontario, Canada. Let me tell you this - for the last few years a bunch of Ontario high schools have been going up to Wasaga Beach during May and June, for their high school prom after party and it is so much fun. My school has been to Wasaga Beach 3 years in a row and we are planning the after party up in Wasaga once again. There are so many students there and you can walk to the main strip where you ca n find the beach, restaurants and a whole bunch of clubs and fun stuff to do. I just wanted to recommend a really great spot for any school that may be interested in heading up there. They are called Blue Coast Cottages (http://bluecoastcottages.tripod.com ) and they have a group of cottages in one ground. You can book the entire lot for your entire graduating class but you have to book early cause they get really booked up! DO something different this year look them up and you are guaranteed to have a great prom after party at Wasaga Beach, Ontario!!!!!
-- Tabitha     Centennial High   ON

After prom we all went downtown (Chicago) and continued the party on a cruise until the early morning hours. After, the 8 people in my party jumped into the limo and got home by 6am. At 11am we were back in Chicago at Lincoln Park Zoo and the beach. Later that night we grabbed dinner and went our own ways.
-- Christi       Roselle IL

ever heard of high class bowling?? it was awesome. everyone was getting drunk and partying all night and the group of good kids that dont do that went bowling all dressed up. we arranged for the alley to be open until 4 am just for us...we had the light show, music, and all the works. it's also pretty funny to see people all dressed up in bowling shoes!
-- Erika      

My friends and i are going to a pool party. We are all going to swim in our dresses. I don't care if it trashes it I will never wear it again. I can't wait to see all the dresses wet and wild!
-- Cindi     MMGCI   CA

Well first of all, we all gonna go change into our after party gear, then go to an after party planned by the popular peeps and get drunk, get loose and party till dawn breaks. Everybody who matters to us will be there plus hot guys and anybody who can afford to pay his five bucks to get in.
-- Naomi, Nia and Vani     Indooroopilly State High   Brisbane, Australia

Well I am a junior but I'm going with my boyfriend and bunch of other guys and girls out to Wading River to private homes. There is about 50 little cabins in this small neighborhood. Although I'mnot that close to the girls that will be there I am totally excited. Prom's next Friday! Wish me luck!
-- Jackie     Bay Shore High School   Bay Shore NY

well, me and my boy firned rented a cabin up in big bear and are going to stay their all weekend long!! plus a bunch of our friends are comming with us!! we might even get drunk
-- Tara     Eastlake high   Chula vista CA

AfterProm... after prom, me and my date and some friends are going to ride around in the strech navi and we are going to the westin where we have a connected hotel room. we rented a cadillac escalde for tha weekend and were going to new york city for a day and then were going to sixflags and kings dominon. can't wait till prom it gonna be tha jump off.so lean bac.
-- Nay     Stamford High   Stamford CT

well my bfs prom was on a boat so after we docked the 6 couples changed and took the limo to club spirit and then went to wildwood for 2 nites and had a load of fun ...
-- Samm       Marleboro NJ

When prom ends at 11 we have until 1 a.m. to get to the school for Post Prom, theres food, games, prizes, huge blow up twister games, blow up basket ball games, monster tric. racing, laser tag, and SO much more! My friends and i had a blast. It ended at 3:30. Then i got home at 4, and got back up at 6:30 to go to Kings Island the next day.
-- Becky     Danville Comm. H.S.   Danville IN

This is my first prom, but i don't know whether that makes it my junior or senior, because, being English, we just call it the leavers prom. We all plan to dance and party, and party and dance 'till we collapse, then were going back to camp out at my friends house!
-- Madeline     Fallibroome High School   Cheshire UK

Here in Grantham we keep everything low key. We team up with the local Boy School for the Prom and hire out a small venue. This year I'm going back to a friends house to gossip and watch movies...
-- Charly     Kesteven and Grantham Girls School   Grantham UK

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